I will be happy to help you with the organization of festivals, artistic performances, concerts and chamber music concerts, and will enrich events held at cultural centers, churches, during benefits, club meetings, conferences and ceremonial private events. I also create sound scenes for exhibitions in museums and picture galleries, as well as sound background for plays, shows and exhibitions.

My repertoire includes music enriching cultural events, performed solo, in chamber ensembles, and orchestral settings. For example, I performed Telemann’s cycle of twelve solo fantasias at a solo concert featured in the 2019 Actus Humanus, early music festival in Gdansk, Poland.

I draw on the tradition of historical performance of Renaissance and Baroque music, as well as improvisation and folk music. My repertoire includes Irish music which I present in flute and lute/guitar duets. I perform Baroque music in orchestral ensembles, in cooperation with instrumental and vocal-instrumental ensembles in Poland, Germany and Holland.

I present chamber repertoire in ensembles:

  • Solo – traverse flute;
  • Duet – traverse flute and lute, modern flute and guitar;
  • Trio – two traverse flutes and harpsichord;
  • Quartet – traverso flute , Baroque violin, Baroque cello and harpsichord;
  • Consort of Renaissance flutes – four traverso flutes.

It includes compositions by, among others, Vivaldi, Bach, Telemann, Handel, Lambert, Hotteterre, Purcell, Rameau, Campra, Leclair, Marin Marais, Pachelbel, Quantz, Marcello.

In addition to performing, I also conduct educational activities, including workshops for children and young people on early music, aimed at getting young people interested in this mysterious era in the history of music. For over 20 years, I have been exploring the secrets of music as well as the secrets of teaching children, youth and adults and conducting individual and group classes and courses. As a teacher, I am passionate about observing changes and being able to share my experience.

 Forms of cooperation:

  • early music concerts
  • chamber concerts
  • music festivals
  • artistic performances
  • Irish music concerts
  • Renaissance music concerts
  • theater plays
  • opening of exhibitions, including photography
  • visual displays
  • conferences
  • exhibitions of artistic works
  • Christmas concerts
  • passion concerts
  • entertainment repertoires
  • wedding musical settings
  • concerts for companies
  • group classes | workshops | courses
  • individual classes

Should you have any questions regarding the repertoire or other
matters, feel free to contact me:

  Agnieszka Gorajska

    tel.: +48 608658373

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